Sponsorship is one of five Tools of recovery in Nicotine Anonymous (NicA). Sponsorship is how one member, especially a newcomer, receives the individual support and guidance from another experienced member. Seeking out a sponsor is not required, but we encourage it. ~Sponsorship Booklet

To find a sponsor, it is suggested that members attend NicA meetings and listen to people who are sharing their experience, strength and hope, and consider who they think would be a good fit as a sponsor. The member seeking a sponsor can ask that member before or after a meeting (or ask for phone number or email address), to inquire if he or she is available and willing to be a sponsor.

To be a sponsor, he or she offers what he or she has gained through her or his NicA experience, working the Steps and applying the Tools of recovery. Sponsoring is one of the best ways to practice the Tool of service and to keep, or strengthen, one’s own recovery.

Check out To the Newcomer and Sponsorship pamphlet, one of the many pamphlets available online and in the NicA Store.

How to Set a Sponsor Trap (a humorous approach).