Internet Safety & Privacy Policy

Internet Safety

Welcome to the “Voices of Nicotine Recovery” group of Nicotine Anonymous. We are glad you are here and think this is the best online site for those who want to quit using nicotine.

Although we strive to keep this site a safe place, as with any online group, there is always the possibility that someone may join who has ulterior motives.  Because we care deeply about our members and will go to great lengths to protect them, we have decided to post these tips on “Internet Safety.”

Some signs of the types of behaviors used by “Internet Predators” may occur in the form of “inappropriate” or “unacceptable” mail, private messages, soliciting your phone number, address, photo, personal information, asking you to participate in web cam sessions, or, any other type of behavior which makes you feel uncomfortable. Some of this information you might consider giving out after you’ve known someone for a while.  Internet Safety, common sense and basic instinct should prevail.

Should a member of this, or any group, encounter an individual whose behavior towards them is inappropriate, it is important to make it clear to the individual that his/her behavior is unacceptable, and that they are to have no further contact with you. If they persist, the individual should be reported to … and also their personal ISP service provider.  You will become familiar and get acquainted with group members so there will always be someone to confide in should you be the unfortunate recipient of such behavior.

Please be mindful about clicking on any unsolicited links in discussion posts (or in your email, or that matter).  We do our best to remove this pesky spam as quickly as possible.  If you see a suspicious looking link, avoid clicking on it.

Remember, we are all here for a common purpose…to gain freedom from the powerful addiction of nicotine.  PLEASE KEEP COMING BACK…WE ARE HERE TO HELP!

Privacy Policy

By participating in Voices of Nicotine Recovery (VONR) we acknowledge the limitations of an online group environment.  While we provide the latest security and privacy features available to online communities, we respectfully request your awareness that there are inherent risks.  Please guard your personal information while communicating on our message board, meeting rooms, chat rooms and other online communications.

While VONR strives to protect your personal information, VONR cannot ensure or warrant the security of any information you transmit to us or any information provided online, and you do so at your own risk.  VONR will not be liable for disclosures of your personal information or unauthorized acts of third parties.