Group Conscience Meeting

Sunday, February 25, 1pm Eastern in our VONR room 9725720352 PW 121212

Our next GC meeting will be held on Sunday, February 25, at 1 PM US Eastern in VONR’s Zoom room: 972 572 0352 password 121212. You can find the Minutes of our previous GC meetings on Group Conscience Meetings For more information, please email

VONR Intergroup Bylaws

Ever wonder about the structure and functioning of VONR? Join us to help define how our members and meetings work together as a NicA Intergroup by creating our Intergroup Bylaws.

VONR is the oldest online group in Nicotine Anonymous, helping the still suffering addict since 2004. We started with meetings and a forum on Yahoo Groups with 20+ meetings/week. Then we moved to Paltalk, started a WhatsApp outreach group and created a website that houses hundreds of speaker shares. Today in addition to these other platforms, we still host a variety of well attended NicA meetings in Zoom and Paltalk.

By creating our bylaws, we want to establish our structure and how we function, which will involve more members in service to the group, Intergroup and World Services.

Access to our documents:

We’re looking for a coordinator for this committee! Please step up and help. For more information, please contact

It’s Time to Step Up for Service!

All you need is a desire to be nicotine free (no nicotine-free time needed) to screen share, and 30 days nicotine-free to begin co-chairing. Join the fun of service as we recover together!

If you have 30 days free of nicotine, we can train you on the basics of chairing. Be a co-chair for 4 meetings. Then you get the Zoom Host key and other resources.

If you’ve already been through training and have the Host key, you can host parking lots regardless of your smober time.

Oh, you might have the butterflies, what the heck, that is normal. You’ll have lots of support and friends in the meeting. So pray about it, and come join us! See our Chairing Meetings page for more information about how to step up.

Nicotine Anonymous World Services Conference

April 12-14, 2024 in Asheville, North Carolina, USA
Hotel and registration information:

Organize an event

Would you like to organize an event, marathon or workshop and don’t know where to start? Please send an email to